Sneak Preview of IRW-2007-9

“Unlike AND and EXACT searches, constrained co-occurrence searches (cc searches), consists in searching within a text window wherein search terms … More

Random Notes

I’m putting the final touches to IR Watch, now in its first year of publication. I started the project a … More

Identifying Hidden Sequences

In the Row-Pruning Algorithm Tutorial post I introduced an algorithm for identifying terms sequences hidden in collections. The tutorial is … More

Applications of Edit Distances

After uploading the Levenshtein Edit Distance Tool I received several recommendations for its implementation. No doubt that this is a … More

JavaScript Tips

This is not a post about an IR topic, but since at some point IR projects resource to programming, I believe the post … More

Levenshtein Edit-Distance Based Tool

The Levenshtein Edit-Distance Tool has been moved to A tutorial is available at Click to access levenshtein-distance-tutorial.pdf The tool is … More