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Surviving Hurricane Maria

Finally, after four months without Internet, power, and water, things are slowly going back to normality here in PR. Nice to be back to share a lot of new tools, miners, research tutorials we were working on during the forced vacations.

Microsoft Cortana Miner


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Could Deep Neural Networks (DNN) be more Accurate than Humans at Detecting Sexual Orientation from Facial Images?


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Apparently, yes. That is, according to a study by Kosinski and Wang. See preprint and authors’ note below.


Authors’ Note:

Fascinating and scary study on DNN and AI .

Some might find that a highly controvertible research. It will be interesting to see if the findings hold across races, non-white people or image features that are influenced by people with different backgrounds and life styles.

The Web Feed Flattener Tool


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One way of mining web feeds consists in adopting the following two-step strategy:

Step 1: Convert a web feed into a multidimensional associative array, A.

Step 2: Flatten A into a one-dimensional array, B.

The rest is a matter of reading and manipulating the key-value pairs of A and B and use that information for other text mining purposes, like document validation or the design of a feed parser capable of discriminating between feed formats (i.e., ATOM, RSS, and RDF).

We have developed a tool aimed at that: The Web Feed Flattener

The tool was tested with several news sites that offer web feeds, like MIT News (, and with several blog feeds.

Since then we have found other interesting uses for it.

The tool works fairly well with local and remote feeds, but might fail to properly convert a feed if its access is blocked or if the feed is not a valid XML document.

4D Quantum Encryption, Communications, and Quantum Searches


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If Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Verizon, Apple, Facebook, and other technology movers and shakers want to stay at the top of the game, they must ride the quantum computing research wave.

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Organizations > ACM

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Docker Miner


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The Docker miner is our newest Minerazzi miner, available now at

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The news sections includes channels to Bing, Google and several blogs relevant to Docker and its container technology.



Microsoft Xamarin Miner


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This new Minerazzi miner is available at

Find Microsoft Xamarin cross-platform development, news, & more.

Recrawl search results and build curated collections relevant to Xamarin.

The news section of this Minerazzi miner includes channels to Miguel de Icaza blogs. He is best known for starting the GNOME, Mono, and Xamarin projects.

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Google Kubernetes Miner


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