Web Mining Week 3

Week 3 Agenda 1. Introduction to Parsing: Building a Query Normalizer (PPT Presentation). 2. Understanding Search Engine Snippets via the … More

Web Mining Week 2

Week 2 Agenda: 1. The User-Machine Relevance Perception Gap (PPT presentation) 2. Introduction to Document Indexing (PPT presentation) 3. Linearization: … More

Web Mining Week 1

Course Description  The CECS 6824B/21 Special Topics in KDDM graduate course Web Mining: A First Course in Web Mining, Search … More

Terrier IR 1.1.1 Update

Craig MacDonald, from the Terrier project at University of Glasgow sent me this update few days ago. “Terrier, IR Platform v … More

Back to Business

Back to business. IRW will soon be out. This month issue covers the popular K-Means Algorithm and its variants. A back … More