BM25IR (Updated Version)


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An updated version of the BM25IR paper is available at

Essentially we corrected few typos and added one line to explain even more the transformation of (a) into (b) in Figure 1 of the paper.

Other than that, its content and thesis remains the same.

For the sake of transparency, we keep the older version accessible through the following services:











Artificial Neurons, IBM, and Mind Retrieval


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IBM researchers have created artificial neurons and synapses.

Very relevant to mind retrieval, in many ways.

Social Pulse Parser Upgrade


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We have upgraded the Social Pulse Parser (SPP) from a mere tool to a full section of Minerazzi. Organized by categories, SPP reports the sentiment generated by news across social networks.

So far SPP reports on the following categories:

  • World News
  • Government
  • Organizations
  • Technology

Additional categories will soon be added.

The following socials are covered so far: Facebook, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Google+. Apparently Twitter counts no longer can be parsed as easy as before so we remove them from the list.

We welcome any suggestion or feedback.


BM25 and Power Transformations: Introducing BM25IR


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Local Term Weight Models from Power Transformations
Development of BM25IR: A Best Match Model based on Inverse Regression

In this article we show how power transformations can be used as a common framework for the derivation of local term weights. We found that under some parametric conditions, BM25 and inverse regression produce equivalent results. As a special case of inverse regression, we show that the largest increment in term weight occurs when a term is mentioned for the second time. A model based on inverse regression (BM25IR) is presented. Simulations suggest that BM25IR works fairly well for different BM25 parametric conditions and document lengths.





Chemistry Resources


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The City College Chemistry Web Resources Page, is a great chemistry resource and one that we highly recommend to students, teachers, and researchers alike.

We are happy to learn that they have added to the Computational category our Hydrocarbons Parser

Not trying to compete with such a large chemistry resource site, but we want to let you know that we will soon be added several new chemistry tools to the section, some inspired in the CUNY resource page, and others oriented to data retrieval.

The following is a list chemistry tools that we have so far developed.

And here is a list of chemistry miners:

Have a nice chemistry day.🙂

Energy Converter Tool


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Energy Converter is a new data conversion tool, available at

Easily convert energy units or compute energy oil, coal, & natural gas equivalents and more with this one-to-many (O2M) mapping tool. Just input a value and press the Enter key.

To browse a comprehensive list of data conversion and extraction tools, visit

Retail Banking Miner


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Retail Banking is a new Minerazzi miner, available at

Find products, services, and companies relevant to card or cardless ATM software, digital wallets, mobile payments, payment service providers, and more with this new miner.  Search by technologies or keywords.

Recrawl a search result to find additional resources or build your own curated collection.

For additional topic-specific miners, visit

Currency Exchange Rates Tool


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This is a new O2M data conversion tool available at

It is a practical example of using one-to-many (O2M) mapping for the handling of resources from an external server.

In this case we summon a remote server at the European Central Bank (ECB) which handles currency exchange rates. Reference rates are updated at around 16:00 CET by ECB so you get the most recent exchange rate results.

Just input a value and press the Enter key. No need to mess over and over with annoying pull-down menus or remember currency acronyms.


Number Base Converter


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This is a new tool, available at

Now you can easily convert numbers, from one to many number bases, or encode text with this one-to-many (O2M) mapping tool. A nice implementation of our O2M algorithm. Just input a value and press the Enter key.

The tool supports the most common base62 implementations out there, allowing users to convert from base2 to base62. Many applications are possible.

Volume Converter


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Convert volume units like SI, US, British, and more with this one-to-many (O2M) mapping tool.

No need to mess over and over with annoying pull-down menus. Just input a value and press Enter key.

Available now at

For other tools, go to