Miislita.com – Most Complete Puerto Rico’s Miner


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We have added more records to Miislita.com miner (http://www.miislita.com), making it the most complete miner and search engine for products and services relevant to Puerto Rico.

Its News Center now features more local and world RSS News (http://www.miislita.com/prbusca), monitored with the Social Pulse Parser (SPP).

As a Minerazzi miner, this is a curated collection. So you won’t see here tons of web noise as you would get from other search engines.

For searches not relevant to Puerto Rico, please use any of the miners available at http://www.minerazzi.com

Minerazzi’s IP-to-Country Locator


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The IP-to-Country Locator is a new Minerazzi tool available at http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/ip-country/locator.php

It allows users to locate the countries that are associated to a set of IPs. Use it for data mining IPs and track down users (potential customers, spammers,….).

New Tools for Mathematics, Statistics, and Chemistry


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We have developed a whole new set of multidisciplinary tools for mathematics, statistics, and chemistry.

Starting today, the following are available:


CSS Fractal Studio – http://minerazzi.com/tools/fractals/studio.php
Create CSS-only 2-dimensional fractals and multifractals.


Combinator – http://minerazzi.com/tools/combinator/tool.php
Compute combinations, permutations, circulations, and inversions.


Diluted Solutions Maker – http://minerazzi.com/tools/diluted-solutions/maker.php
This tool helps lab techs to prepare a set of diluted solutions from a stock solution.

VSEPR Wizard – http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/vsepr/wizard.php
This tool predicts central atom electron arrangements and molecular geometries using VSEPR data.

Acids Iteration Pattern – http://minerazzi.com/tools/acids/iteration-pattern.php
This tool uses an iteration pattern to compute the pH of acid solutions regardless of their dissociation strengths. A great example of Applied Numerical Dynamics Theory!

How to Report Temperature Relative Errors


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In the documentation of the Hydrocarbons Parser, we have explained why temperature relative errors should be expressed in the Kelvin scale.

According to a Wikipedia article, a relative error only makes sense when measured on a ratio scale, (i.e. a scale which has a true meaningful zero), otherwise it would be sensitive to the measurement units (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Approximation_error). The reason is that Celsius is an interval scale, whereas Kelvin is a ratio scale (with a true zero). As temperature relative errors vary across scales (Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit), these should always be computed in degrees Kelvin.

The above is easy to prove. Because oC = K – 273.15, the relative error in the Celsius scale is ΔoC/oC = ΔK/(K – 273.15); i.e., without a true zero.

Moreover, ΔoC/oC is undefined for ΔK ≠ 0 and K = 273.15, and indeterminate for ΔK = 0 and K = 273.15.

Chemistry Software Miner


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The Chemistry Software Miner, http://www.minerazzi.com/chemsoft, allows users to find all kind of software, tools, and calculators, relevant to this discipline. Users can search by software name, vendor, or chemistry area (analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, biochemistry, etc).

As in all of our miners, this is a curated collection wherein each result can point users to dozens of new relevant resources when they click on the “Links” extraction tool. Users can then recursively crawl new resources and build their own curated collection.

Users can be chemistry data miners, computational scientists, chemistry teachers and their students. Other relevant miners are listed below:

Chemistry Tutorials, http://www.minerazzi.com/chem
Have a great day.

BioInformatics Software Miner


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The BioInformatics Software is a new miner built at Minerazzi.com. It is available at


Find bioinformatics software, tools, packages, open source, scripts, vendors, and more. Search by topic, product name, or vendor.

Another miner, for chemistry software, is in the making.

Improving the Hydrocarbons Parser


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We have improved the Hydrocarbons Parser, available at


The tool now computes Degrees of Unsaturation (DoU). A DoU gives the sum of the numbers of rings and pi bonds in a chemical structure. Although our tool was not originally intended for addressing formulas for polycyclic hydrocarbons, knowing the DoU value associated to a formula should to some extend help users elucidate these cases.

For instance for C14H10, DoU = 10 and the tool returns a cycloalkene result with 9 pi bonds + 1 ring. Thus, candidate results with more than one ring and containing the following counts can be proposed:

8 pi bonds + 2 rings (e.g., diphenylacetylene)
7 pi bonds + 3 rings (e.g., anthracene, phenanthrene)
6 pi bonds + 4 rings (e.g., 1,2-Dihydrocyclopenta[fg]acenaphthylene)

and a few more. You get the idea.

In upcoming updates of this tool, we expect to automate all these calculations.

Parsing chemical formulas: What a way to go! The beauty of parsing text strings of any kind is in the details.

The BioInformatics Databases Miner


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This is a new miner available at http://www.minerazzi.com/bioinfo. Use it to find or build genome, sequence, proteomics, RNA, pathway, metabolic, microarray, exosomal, PCR, phenotype, taxonomic, carbohydrate, metabolimic, drug design, and imaging collections. Search by topic or database.

Sample queries can be

[ cancer research ], [ rna and dna ], [ bioinformatics ], or similar.

If you are into bioinformatics databases, this miner is for you.