The Intelligence, Security, and Assurance (ISA) Miner


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The Intelligence, Security, and Assurance (ISA) collection is a new miner built with Minerazzi (

Use it to find resources relevant to information intelligence, security, and assurance.

Search by software tools, companies, and government agencies, or by graduate school programs offering courses on these subjects.

New Tool at Minerazzi: The Data Set Editor


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Some times you need to deduplicate or sort alphabetically a set of items delimited in some way. Perhaps you just want to remove those items that match specific terms or strings.

Items can be email addresses, phone numbers, links, urls, names, keywords, etc. These might be delimited by lines (\n), tabs (\t), spaces, commas, colons, semicolons, or periods.

We have developed a tool that allows you to edit these types of sets, precisely. Just submit a data set, select how it is delimited, and chose few edit options.

Try it now at

Enjoy it :)

The Color Miner: A Fractalette Generator


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Our old Color Miner tool is now available at

This is a tool that generates fractalettes.

We define a fractalette as a color palette within a color palette. These types of fractal-like arrays allows you to investigate color-color, color-space, and space-space relationships.

To use it, just submit an absolute URL, complete with its http(s) scheme.

Enjoy it. :)

A Tutorial on the Levenshtein Distance


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A short tutorial on the Levenshtein Distance is available now at

Did you know that Levenshtein Distance is at the heart of sequence analysis and text mining-based technologies? It is so simple, elegant, and relevant to many research fields.

Levenshtein Distance Calculator


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The Levenshtein Distance Calculator is back. This tool was removed from our old site, but now is available at

This is a visual and interactive tool great for sequence analysis, text mining, and teaching. A tutorial listing practical applications will soon follow.

A Tutorial on Distance and Similarity


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The first of a series of companion tutorials for some of our tools is available now at

In this tutorial we present a general overview of two association measures used in data mining and information retrieval: distance and similarity. To learn the difference between the two, visit

Two Essential Tools for Data Miners


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We are moving from our old site to two tools essential to data miners interested in comparing data sets.

1. The Binary Distance Calculator, available at
2. The Binary Similarity Calculator, available at

These can also be used by teachers and others that need to score or grade any two data sets in terms of their dissimilarities (distances) and resemblances (similarities). The sets to be compared must be of same size and binary.

We plan to add additional distance and similarity definitions to the tools. We are also working on a companion tutorial for these tools, to help users understand the difference between the above concepts.

The Library Recrawl Project


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The Library Recrawl Project ( is a new miner built with Minerazzi. It allows users to recrawl all top World libraries, their catalogs and information gateways. Users can search inside results and uncover vast amounts of resources. To search, users can enter a library name, keywords, or country.

Search Examples

Query [ library of congress ], [ world catalog ], [ national archives ], [ national libraries ], [ public libraries ], [ state libraries ], etc… Or if you prefer, search by country.

By recursively searching inside results with our Search Inside tool, you will be discovering entry points to vast amounts of new resources ( libraries, catalogs, etc) . Have fun.

Retro Searches

Query [ z3950 ] to find libraries across the World using the old z39.50 search implementation.

Wikiminer: Mining Wikileaks


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Wikiminer is a new miner built with Minerazzi ( ) exclusively for mining Wikileaks.

It allows users to find secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources by mining Wikileaks link graph. Search by keywords or location.

Search example

Query [ cablegate ] in this miner. Then locate the result whose URL is and click the Search Inside tool icon below said result. By recursively searching inside a result you will be walking a portion of Wikileaks link graph.


Open Source Projects – A New Minerazzi Miner


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Open Source Projects is a new miner available at It allows you to find or submit all kind of open source projects. Access open source community resources. Search by software, hardware, or project name.

Looking for open source projects relevant to Apache, Linux, or Windows? Need to be more specific in your search (e.g. search for Weka, JQuery, Aptana, JNode, Ubuntu, Mozilla, etc…)? Want to build your own open source collections? If so, this miner is for you.