After uploading the Levenshtein Edit Distance Tool I received several recommendations for its implementation. No doubt that this is a simlarity measure for the masses. Here is a current list.

The Levenshtein Edit Distance Algorithm can be used:

  1. for automatic marking of musical dictations.
  2. for regular expressions approximate matching.
  3. to identify if two genetic sequences have similar functions.
  4. to filter blocks of email lists (candidate spam addresses) within a LED threshold value.
  5. as the ultimate baby name explorer.
  6. to name products and services like domains, brands, etc.
  7. to conduct fuzzy search matches in EXCEL or your preferred environment.
  8. for spamdexing search engines – by randomly converting text into gibberish.
  9. for spam stemming search engines – by systematically appending edits to valid stems.
  10. as part of a spell checker routine.
  11. to identify duplicated content and plagiarism.

Got an idea, suggestion, or reference? Let me know. In the meantime, here is a nice tutorial:

Click to access levenshtein-distance-tutorial.pdf