Constrained Co-Occurrence Searches

“Unlike AND and EXACT searches, constrained co-occurrence searches (cc searches), consists in searching within a text window wherein search terms are either unordered, as in proximity searching, or ordered, as in adjacency searching. Thus, cc searching is a contextual way of searching within similar neighboring terms.

Here is a sneak preview of the September issue of IR Watch – The Newsletter.

IRW-2007-9: Constrained Co-Occurrence Searches

In this issue:

AND Searches
EXACT Searches
CC Searches Defined
Proximity Searches
Automated Search Modes
Adjacency Searches
CC Searches at ONR
Differential CC Searches
Testing the ONR Algorithm
CC Searches and Keyword Research
CC Searches and Search Commands
CC Searches vs. Google’s Tilde Operator
IR Thoughts – News, Research, and Events
Terms of Use and Copyright

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