Since A Call to SEOs claiming to Sell LSI many are finally realizing they were taken/gamed by crook SEOs selling snake oil in the form of spurious LSI arguments. It is now time to issue a call to expose all these sinisters marketers that are giving a black eye to the search marketing industry. So, you are welcome to join great guys like Mike Duz, David Petar, and Mike Grehan and expose these people.

If you prefer, do like Dan Thies and blog about their myths. In Lies, Damn Lies, Thies has exposed another old SEO myth: keyword density. Here are additional reasons against this myth many marketers are still hanging around:

2007/05/09 Keyword Density Myth – The Devil’s Advocate

2007/05/07 Keyword Density (KD): Revisiting an SEO Myth

On the Evolution of SEO Myths

The evolution of KD myths and KD tools within SEO circles is anecdotal. It is quite similar to the evolution of LSI-based SEO myths promoted by almost the same marketers. There is a clear pattern of deception:

Repeat a hearsay many times, spin it, play with words, convince cheerleaders to repeat like parrots your hearsays and then repeat everything again until many cheerleaders, peers, and “experts” repeat your nonsense in blogs and seo books. Invent formulas out of thin air and tools that support these, etc, etc, etc.

If you prefer, misquote or copy/dump IR papers and patents in your blog to give the impression you know about information retrieval. Then, stretch these IR papers or patents to your heart needs or to whatever you are trying to sale or promote. That can be your own image or other crooks services.

Two wings of the same bird

That’s how the KD and LSI SEO myths have survived all these years. These are two wings of the same bird. Unfortunately the very same marketers go to fancy search marketing conferences, blogs, forums and few other channels to spread the same misinformation or to induce others into error. No wonder Mike Grehan has called these ‘hot air’.

Take for instance, those marketers that have preached about LSI for years or selling “LSI-like services” without even having a clue on how SVD actually works. They either do so to build an image as “experts” or to intentionally deceive their peers and clients, because of vested interests.

When caught with the pants off they often have two choices:

1. recanting.
2. recoiling.

The few raise the royal “we” and “honest” flag and then resource to throwing dirt rather than prove their case regarding their LSI claims. As far as I’m concern they can throw dirt or scream like babies all they want. They deserve their head to be hammered away any day of the week.

These are the very same folks that give a black eye to the damn search marketing industry, by deceiving the public and prospective clients while posing as honest business guys. No wonder so many IR folks perceive SEOs just as vulgar spammers.

As I always say to peer IRs and graduate students, not all SEOs are deceivers. Some are indeed ethical and quite honest. However, the bad apples are easy to spot.

More likely the more vocal “SEO experts” are the less they know about information retrieval and search engines. To be on the safe side, stay away from those that peer marketers call “SEO experts”. As we say in Spanish: ‘Ante la duda, saluda’.

Many of these have been exposed many times and in different places. Here are some references for your perusal:

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