The Extended Boolean Model for Information Retrieval

Term space representation of AND and OR query.

The Extended Boolean Model for Information Retrieval. This is an IR tutorial I wrote circa 2006 ( It may be useful to those interested in learning its applicability and implementation.

The model was developed by Edward Alan Fox in his 1983 PhD thesis: Extending the Boolean and Vector Space Models of Information Retrieval with p-norm Queries and Multiple Concept Types. Ph.D. Dissertation, Cornell University. Retrieved from

The tutorial covers the advantages, limitations, and drawbacks of the model. By varying the p-norm, from p = 1 to p = infinity, its ranking behavior changes from that of a vector space-like to that of a strict Boolean-like.

I know, I know. This was posted way back at

I’m just reposting it just in case some missed this great classic model.

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