Introducing Recursive Searches

Introducing Recursive Searches ( A proof of concept for the notion of Recursive Forms.

This tool recursively searches a two-dimensional associative array. The Periodic Table of Elements is used as a case study. We define a recursive form (RF) as an HTML form that uses its previous output as its new input. Recursion is done through a single-line text field.

We are currently developing dozens of RF-based tools. Example and use for this RF in particular follows.

Can you answer the following question (Q) without consulting the Periodic Table? If not, don’t worry. You are not alone. Most chemistry students can’t, either:

Q: An element has an atomic weight closest to a number X (e.g, X = 50, 66, 100, or 112). What is its atomic number?

Not many chemistry students can figure out the name, symbol, or atomic number of an element with atomic weight closest to a given number X, particularly for transition metals and above. This RF comes to the rescue…

In general, RFs can be implemented for many dissimilar purposes. Check here:

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