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If you are a chemist, PhD, or student looking for tools in said discipline, you may want to check the City College Chemistry Web Resource Guide, part of the City College of New York Libraries at CUNY. This is an excellent repository of chemistry resources.

This fall, the college redesigned the site so the web address of the computational chemistry section is now https://library.ccny.cuny.edu/chemistry/computational

Happy to know that two of our chemistry tools are still listed there:

The Bond Order Calculator — http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/bond-order/calculator.php Computes bond orders of diatomic species and their ions having up to 20 electrons, including number of bonding and anti-bonding electrons, without using Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT).

The Hydrocarbons Parser http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/hydrocarbons/parser.php — Calculates boiling points and indicates sigma, pi, single, double, and triple bonds for hydrocarbons, again without using MOT.

I wish that more universities follow in the steps of CUNY and be willing to put together similar repositories, I mean computational chemistry tools, for the benefit of their students and faculties.