Vector Space Explorer Tool

Vector Space Explorer Tool is a new tool from Minerazzi, available now at

VSE is aimed at exploring combinations of local (e.g., FREQ, ATF1,…) and global (e.g., IDF, IDFP,…) term weighting schemes for documents and queries. All kind of combinations can be easily explored.

The tool lists results in decreasing order of cosine similarity scores, with or without implementing stopwords removal and parametric corrections.

VSE was developed for computer science students and those interested in information retrieval systems so they can learn how IR systems work.

First-time users may want to try the examples provided by pressing the Try This Example button from the tool. It is possible to cycle through the examples by repetitive pressing this button. Some of the examples list top titles obtained by querying commercial search engines.

Accepting the default settings instructs VSE to remove stopwords and implement the FREQ Model, also known as the Term Count Model. This is one of the simplest vector space implementations where term weights are mere raw frequencies (term counts).

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