Installing IIS Web Server on Windows 11

I finally got my brand new laptop computer with Windows 11 and all the perks. One of the first things I did was enabling Internet Information Services (IIS Web Server) that comes with it, creating a test file, and editing it.

It is quite easy to do:

Installing IIS Web Server

Right-click the Start icon in the task bar and go to

Settings > Apps > Optional features > More Windows features

Then select Internet Information Services check box and click OK. Done!

An inetpub directory (folder) and wwwroot subdirectory get created in the C: drive when IIS is enabled.

Enjoy your web server.

Creating & Saving a test file as an administrator

Go to Start and search for Notepad in the search field. Once found, right-click its icon and select “Pin to Start”. Right-click its icon again and select “Pin to task bar”.

Open Notepad with administrator privileges by pressing Ctrl + Shift and, at the same time, clicking its icon from either locations. This opens a User Account Control window. Press “Yes” to create a blank Notepad file. Add some html content to it.

To save the file, go to File > Save As > C: > inetpub > wwwroot. Select the “All files” option from the “Save as type” dropdown menu. In the “File name” field, enter index.html as the file name and extension.

To view the file, point a web browser to localhost/index.html.

Editing a wwwroot-saved file as an administrator

Open Notepad with administrator privileges as done before, select Open to view wwwroot folder, and select All Files from the dropdown menu. Double click the file to be edited.

Save all changes by going to

File > Save or by pressing Ctrl + S.

That’s all there is to it.

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