Planck’s Equation Solver

We initially defined a recursive form (RF) as an HTML form that uses its previous output as its new input. A more precise definition follows: An RF is an HTML form where the name/value pairs of successful controls are recursively generated through the decision-making process of users.

RFs add an interesting twist to the development of form-based tools as the number of fields needed are drastically reduced. In addition, the number of input fields of type=”text” needed are drastically reduced. In most cases, these can be reduced to just one. Thus RF are suitable for small screen display devices.

An RF can be implemented using JavaScript, PHP, or with a combination of these programming languages.

Different algorithms are needed, depending on the type of RF to be developed. Some of these involve scaling, others use shifting, other use a combination of scaling and shifting, and even others just involve search-find-retrieval actions.

Previous RFs are listed below:

Recursive Temperature Converter (

Recursive Mini Converters (

Periodic Table Recursive Searches (

Planck’s Equation Solver (

Of these, the latter is our newest one, available today. Check the Planck’s Equation Solver and the others, or suggest one we could build for the larger scientific/teaching community (RFs are also great as teaching tools).

Some equation solver RFs for students to think about:

An equation solver for Van der Waals Equation
An equation solver for Debye-Hückel Extended Limiting Law
An equation solver for Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

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