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Cosine similarity is one of those basic resemblance measures with many practical applications, and relevant to many research problems.

However, its meaning in the context of uncorrelated and orthogonal variables, as its connection with the non-additivity nature of correlation coefficients are often overlooked.

Happy to see the research papers below are still citing Minerazzi’s Cosine Similarity Tutorial, revamped a few years ago.

Continuous Real-Time Vehicle Driver Authentication Using Convolutional Neural Network Based Face Recognition.


Factors Contributing to Elevated Concentrations of Mercury and PCBs in Fish in the Inland Lakes of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior.

Plagiarism Detection Tool for AMHARIC Text.

Extract reordering rules of sentence structure using neuro-fuzzy machine learning system.

Verification of upper Citarum River discharge prediction using climate forecast system version 2 (CFSv2) output.

Building Machine Learning System with Deep Neural Network for Text Processing.

Deep neural based name entity recognizer and classifier for English language.

Machine translation using deep learning: An overview.

An Analytical Method for Probabilistic Modeling of the Steady-State Behavior of Secondary Residential System

Big data analytic untuk pembuatan rekomendasi koleksi film personal menggunakan Mlib. Apache Spark.

Use of Data Warehousing to Analyze Customer Complaint Data of CFPB of USA.