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Fractals and Ancient Art Work Part 2. The fractals below resemble ancient art work and were generated with the Chaos Game Explorer tool by playing the game 100,000 times using a polygon with n vertices and a scaling ratio r.

Showing below are:

(a) a calendar-like pattern with faces watching you (n = 13, r = 0.30)
(b) a mandala-like pattern (n = 20, r = 0.30)
(c) a collar-like (or plate-like) pattern (n = 40, r = 0.20).


Pixels were color coded in white. Multi-coloring the pixels reveals these simply are the result of partially overlapping a given pattern across many scales.

Again: Did ancient cultures know about this way of generating art work? Feel free to try the tool with other parameter values, compare results by searching in Google Images for the resembled image, and share results.

Let me know if you find something interesting. I’m documenting results.

This is the second part of a previous post.