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The t-values Calculator is a new Minerazzi tool, available now at


The tool works by computing, through numerical approximation methods, the Inverse Cumulative Distribution Function or ICDF (also known as the Quantile Function, QF) of the Student’s t Distribution.

This new tool complements our p-values Calculator, described in


and available at


The t-values calculator comes handy when you don’t have around statistical t-tables or want to t-testing at confidence levels and degrees of freedom not listed in such tables. In fact, with a small change to the script, we can build another tool for the generation of t-tables at any confidence level and degrees of freedom as specified by a user.

Both tools will eventually be used to provide a third tool: The t-p Transformation tool that, as the name suggests, transforms CDF (t-to-p) into ICDF (p-to-t) results and vice versa.