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Here is a python-based search engine with an implementation inspired on one of our papers at the old Mi Islita.com site, now a search engine on Puerto Rico.


This module replicates the miislita vector spaces from
"A Linear Algebra Approach to the Vector Space Model -- A Fast Track Tutorial"
by Dr. E. Garcia...

Great and positive accomplishment!

That tutorial is no longer at miislita.com, but was long ago moved to minerazzi.com. Find it here:

Click to access term-vector-linear-algebra.pdf

For other resources do a search for python in our IR miner at


For inquiries about that implementation, contact its author.

For other inquiries, applications, suggestions, drop me a line.

PS. Please note that Nullege.com itself is a search engine for finding python code. Here is a good example: http://nullege.com/codes/search/wx.calendar.CalendarCtrl