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The Reagent Solutions Maker is a new tool available now in the Tools section of Minerazzi at


The tool is not really relevant to information retrieval, but the algorithm that runs behind it describes a useful pattern applicable to many fields and disciplines, including IR.

Anyway, the tool is aimed at solving the following problem.

An undiluted reagent solution is typically prepared by dissolving an amount of solid reagent in a solvent, usually water. Additional solvent is then added to bring the solution up to a specific volume.

With the reagent formula weight the solution concentration can be expressed in moles per liter, after proper unit conversions. A set of undiluted solutions at specific concentration intervals can be prepared in this way, but the calculations can be tedious. This tool was developed to simplify all these calculations.

The tool computes the amount of solid reagent needed to prepare n number of undiluted solutions at specific concentration intervals, ∆C, and up to a maximum concentration level, C, and volume, V, where C > ∆C > 0.

Notice that the set of solutions to be prepared, n, is not known in advance.