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This is a new miner available at


Find elements, compounds, ions, and alloys by names, symbols, formulas, & uses. Find information about elements of the Periodic Table. Includes NIST data.

We want to take this opportunity to mention of the following updates:

Hundreds of new records pointing to NIST chemical databases have been added to the Chemical Databases miner available at


Hundreds of new records pointing to Spanish exams have been added to the Chemistry Exams miner available at


However, many. (though not all) of these spanish records are pdf files from Spain with no index keywords, so to find them just query the name of the country or a given region. I know, this is a bit odd. You may also try searching for something like química, exámen and so forth with(out) punctuation.

In addition, more records have been added to the following chemistry miners:


As Chemistry is a broad topic, expect additional updates to the above or new miners. Who knows? We may eventually need to place them all in a separate host.

Have a great chemistry day! 🙂