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New set of records were added to the WikiMiner at http://www.minerazzi.com/wikiminer using our newest contextual crawler (in discrete mode and 1 level of depth).

For those that at this inning of the game are still interested in the old podesta-clinton email saga (not sure why), try this:

A search for [podesta] in the WikiMiner retrieves records relevant to Podesta emails. Once in the results page you may recursively discover new records by recrawling the results.

For instance, search for [podesta] and click the Links Tool (black rectangular chain icon) under the second result (https://www.wikileaks.com/podesta-emails) to discover new records. You will be presented with two set of records: Externals and Internals .

The Links tool now displays at the right of each new record. Click the tool again, for instance for one the Internal results, to discover more records. By repeating the process you will be recrawling and discovering over and over new records.

You may play in this way with some of the miners available at http://www.minerazzi.com