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Trigonometric Converter Tool

This is a new mathematical tool, available at


The tool uses our design pattern algorithm for one-to-many calculations, allowing users to compute at once degrees, gradians, radians, cosines, sines, tangents, and more.

To use the tool, just input a value and press Enter key. No need to mess over and over with annoying pull-down menus.

A huge advantage of our one-to-many algorithm for building online calculators is that every field accepts input values, transparently recalculating all other field values.

Thus given N number of input fields, the tool works as N number of separate mapping tools. This is done without having to hard code specific functions for specific mappings of variables.

For instance, want to know all other trigonometric field values for a given field value like a cosecant, gradian, tangent, or sine value? No problem, the tool does the work for you on the fly.

Researchers, teachers, students, or anyone that must handle slope calculations can use the tool.