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Back in June 27, 2002, about 14 years ago, I presented the seminar “When they search for you, but find your competition” at the local EDP University before a small audience of about 30, mostly marketing firms and academics, where the main topic was Search Marketing and the Semantic Competitor.

I spent the time trying to convince the audience that the future of traditional ad agencies and multimedia companies was search engine marketing (SEM) and social digital platforms. Back then SEO and SEM were unknown three letters. There was no Twitter or Facebook. And very few in PR knew about Google or search engines in general. Many regional and weekly newspapers were not interested in digital marketing, viewing it as a minor competition.

Times have changed with search, social, and everything else under the hood. Now many traditional publisher are moving toward offering SEM, flexing their corporate muscle. Alone came Infopaginas and few others.

The latest one is Grupo Ferre-Rangel, a multimedia company, owner of the largest local newspaper in PR, El Nuevo Día. Yep they are getting full blast into search engine marketing. Back in the States is the same: Traditional newspapers are getting into SEM.

Move on local little SEM firms. Resistance is futile, especially with the blessing of you know who…


While many are currently fighting the good war in the Social Marketing arena, let be ready for the next waves: Internet of Things Marketing (ITM), in smart houses, buildings, entire cities, the outer space… Planet-to-Planet Internet, anyone?



Very soon.