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I have uploaded a new, updated, and improved version of the tutorial:
A Novel Mnemonic for the Rydberg Rule,
Abstract – This tutorial presents a new mnemonic describing the filling order of atomic orbitals according to the Rydberg Rule. The mnemonic accounts for the reordering of atomic orbitals and the large orbital energy gaps responsible for the periodicity of elements.

A mnemonic is a memory aid device designed to improve recall. Mnemonics are popular tools in the classroom because help teachers and students to summarize large amounts of information without necessarily explaining facts. Conversely, mnemonics based on fallacies and blunders, or divorced from experimental results, can cause students more harm than good in their undergraduate studies.

At the time of writing, one cannot find in the chemical literature a straightforward mnemonic for writing electron configurations according to the Rydberg Rule. The purpose of this tutorial is to present such a novel mnemonic and, in the process, help chemistry students to properly write electron configurations.

Conceptual differences between the Madelung and Rydberg rules are identified and addressed. Myths and folklore-hilarious concepts regarding to the filling order of atomic orbitals are debunked.