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As of January 1 of 2016, we added the following alternative system to our Janet LSPT Tool (http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/janet/left-step-pt.php) which consists in labeling groups based on the filling of outermost orbitals


With this system, we can label groups, including those not yet discovered, in a straightforward manner. The notation used is more descriptive and convey more information than IUPAC numbering system. For instance, any reference to the “s1 group” means exactly this:

“The group of chemical elements with one electron in their outermost s orbital.”

Many teachers and chemists will find that labeling groups in this way is more consistent with their notions of electronic structure.

“What about the anomalous electron configurations?”—you may ask. Well, it turns out that this labeling system can be used to proposed a mental construct that helps us to derive the anomalous configurations in a straightforward manner. We are currently writing a tutorial article that explains this point.