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We have redesigned our Minerazzi URL Scoring Tool (MUST) with a novel algorithm, initially implemented with the IANA TLD Checker another of our recent tools.

MUST checks the initial and final status response codes, urls, and ips upon redirections and whether the target resource is accessible.

The tool uses our Dynamic Indexing and Retrieval Algorithm (DIRA) which so far avoids program timeout errors, allowing the processing of a large number of URLs, while letting users monitor its progress. All this is done without resourcing to JQuery, JavaScript, or cron jobs.

These tools demonstrate that DIRA solves an important productivity-blocking problem that plagues many processes and software tools written with scripting languages like PHP: How to avoid PHP timeout errors while allowing the processing of a large number of Web resources and letting users monitor its progress.

We believe that DIRA can be a game changer in a production and database development setting.

As retrieval time is slaved to the response time of remote hosts, you may want to do other tasks while the tool is working, particularly if submitting a large number of URLs.

To avoid abuses, we have limited URLs to a maximum of 100 per submission. You may also want to run one web browser instance of the tool at a time per machine IP, to avoid unexpected results.

Enjoy these tools and Happy Holidays!