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Because our Electron Configurations Tool was inspired by Tsimmerman and Janet versions of the periodic table, we felt necessary to add content to the tool’s page to briefly explain some features of Tsimmerman’s table, formally branded as ADOMAH PT.

Another of our tools, the Janet Left-Step PT Program, http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/janet/left-step-pt.php, reproduces the table all the way up to the s, p, d, f, and g blocks.

Essentially, Tsimmerman discovered a rich connection between geometry and quantum information by packing the s,p,d, and f blocks into a regular tetrahedron.

To learn more about this 3-dimensional version of the periodic table, you may want to visit the above link and click on the section that reads Featuring Note: Tsimmerman’s ADOMAH PT.

Valery (“Larry”) Tsimmerman kindly shared with us some revealing comments about the underlying nature of the table.

To learn more about the novelties uncovered by Tsimmerman with ADOMAH PT as recognized by others, you may want to read these peer reviews.