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We have developed a whole new set of multidisciplinary tools for mathematics, statistics, and chemistry.

Starting today, the following are available:


CSS Fractal Studio – http://minerazzi.com/tools/fractals/studio.php
Create CSS-only 2-dimensional fractals and multifractals.


Combinator – http://minerazzi.com/tools/combinator/tool.php
Compute combinations, permutations, circulations, and inversions.


Diluted Solutions Maker – http://minerazzi.com/tools/diluted-solutions/maker.php
This tool helps lab techs to prepare a set of diluted solutions from a stock solution.

VSEPR Wizard – http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/vsepr/wizard.php
This tool predicts central atom electron arrangements and molecular geometries using VSEPR data.

Acids Iteration Pattern – http://minerazzi.com/tools/acids/iteration-pattern.php
This tool uses an iteration pattern to compute the pH of acid solutions regardless of their dissociation strengths. A great example of Applied Numerical Dynamics Theory!