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We originally developed the Social Pulse Parser (SPP) as a tool for reporting the reach of rss news across several social networks.

“Reach” is used in this case to mean how many opinion signals syndicated news urls provoke across the most popular networks of the social landscape.

While a good idea, something was missing: How about the reach of urls pointing to products and services?

To fulfill said need, we have developed a second version of SPP that accepts user-defined urls. With this new tool, SPPv2, users can input a set of web addresses (urls) and follow the reach of specific products and services (e.g., branded domains, ads, blog posts, business sites,…) across the social networks.

SPPv2 is available at http://www.minerazzi.com/tools/spp/sppv2.php

Below are some suggested exercises for you to try with the tool.

  • Compare the reach of a branded domain name, with different third level domain extensions or tlds (e.g., .com, .net, .org).
  • Repeat the exercise with a set of competitive brands and same tlds (e.g. pepsi.com, coke.com,…).
  • Repeat the exercise with a set of competitive brands and different tlds (e.g.pepsi.com, coke.net,…).
  • Compare the reach of the top search marketing companies or newspapers from your local area or country.
  • Collect query metrics on a time basis (hrs, days, weeks,…) and do a time series analysis.

For instance, try the following set of search marketing urls:


If you are from Puerto Rico, try the following local newspaper urls:


If you want to share additional practical applications for the tool, let us know.