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A new miner is available at Minerazzi.com: The Information Retrieval Collection (http://www.minerazzi.com/irc).

What you can do with it?

Use this topic-specific search engine to find information retrieval resources such as research work (articles, conference proceedings, seminal work,…) and lecture material (books, lecture notes, tutorials,…) on algorithms and models like

Singular Value Decomposition
Principal Component Analysis
Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Latent Semantic Analysis and Indexing
Vector Support Machines
Vector Space Theory and Models
Inverse Document Frequency
Probabilistic Models
Markov Hidden Models
Cluster Analysis
Search Engines (of course)

Some of the resources come from Nist’s TREC proceedings, AIRWeb, WICOW, Cornell’s ECommons, SIGIR, SIAM, Wikipedia, and work from top-level information retrieval researchers.

More Power to the People! 

You can also use the recrawling power of Minerazzi to build your own customized collection or to enhance a third-party collection.