As part of the renovation process at Mi Islita (, we are introducing a link game called Qualified Links. The idea is simple.

An editor or owner of a page (in this case, us) end a page with what we call a “Qualified Links” section. A topic to follow is specified. Interested users submit a link to complete a sentence. Then the editor or owner of the page and at its sole discretion decides whether a submission is on topic. If so, the link is promoted to a list of Qualified Links on that page.

The result: the current page becomes more on-topic centered while submitters have a chance to gain more link building real estate. Only quality links are considered using our own criteria. Sure there will be some pros and cons down the road, but at least is an interesting start. Monetization can sure follow the shake.

From the Harlem Shake to the Link Shake: Here it comes the Qualified Links Shake :).