The Color Miner is a tool for mining colors from Web documents. As of 07-09-2016, it is available at

The traditional way of presenting color palettes to users is by rendering these as static arrays of colors. This limits users to staring at color squares to make color-color comparisons instead of engaging them in data mining and critical thinking, activities that promotes discovery and learning—in a research or school setting.

When we developed The Color Miner, we did so with a fractal design strategy in mind. As a result, we developed a tool capable of generating what we call fractalettes or palettes within palettes. That is, each cell of a generated palette behaves as a smaller palette, containing color space information and relationships for the current color.

We could iterate the individual cells for ever, but in practice we found that a one-level iteration was a good start to encourage users to investigate color-color, space-space, and color-space relationships, to find basic trends and information patterns. In general, this architecture can be iterated to organize additional attributes and relational data.