I Doser has been called an addictive electronic drug. It is a common hype in social networks. But, actually it is nothing new, but a well-repacked business.

You can get all kind of e-drugs: from e-marihuana to e-….anything by just using earphones. A dangerous mixture if you are driving a car!

Such e-drugs are based on binaural beats, discovered in 1839 by Dove. These are slow modulations that are perceived when tones of different frequency are presented to each ear. Such auditory beats in the brain can have unexpected results, altering consciousness: A virtual LSD?

In 1973 Oster discovered that binaural beats can be detected by humans when carrier tones are below approximately 1000 Hz. According to Lane et al (see references below)

WHEN two pure auditory signals of similar frequency are mixed together, the phase interference between their waveforms produces a composite signal with a frequency midway between the upper and lower frequencies and an amplitude modulation that occurs with a frequency equal to the difference between the two original frequencies. For example, mixing tones of 100 Hz and 110 Hz yields a signal with a perceived frequency of 105 Hz that rises and falls in amplitude with a frequency of 10 Hz. The amplitude-modulated composite signal is called an auditory beat.

A similar phenomenon occurs when auditory signals of similar frequency are presented separately to the left and right ear through stereo headphones. Although each ear hears only one of the frequencies, the listener perceives the middle frequency and the amplitude modulation, even though the auditory beat does not exist in physical space. This phenomenon, called a ‘‘binaural auditory beat,’’ and described more than 25 years ago (6), is created by the brain’s processing of the two separate auditory signals at the level of the olivary nuclei of the brainstem.

It was a matter of time to see some looking for making a quick cash doing a 2 + 2 math, mixing hungry with necessity (“se juntó el hambre con la necesidad”). So now we can see low level forms of life looking for an escape to their reality through I Doser.

Hackers may soon be able to misuse these e-brain technologies to cause physical harm. A WMD in the making or accident waiting to happen?


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