I received this morning from the editors of Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods confirmation that they accepted and will be publishing my peer reviewed paper on a new model for statistical analysis. It should be out this 2012.

Once published, you will understand the SEO (* SEOmoz, I should say) non-sense of computing arithmetic averages of correlation coefficients and why some meta-analysis studies published in the past (* Hunter-Schmidt; Hedges-Olkin) are flawed and invalid.

It took me several meals and research hours to figure it out. I hope that IRs, dataminers, and statistics colleagues find new applications for the model.

The model can be applied to many fields, including marketing, business, risk analysis, data mining, signal processing, engineering, clinical trials, and almost any field or knowledge domain that involves the calculation of weighted statistics. I look forward to discuss it online once it get published.

Happy New Year.

PS. (*) I’ve edited this post to make these points obvious. So, the issue of arithmetically averaging correlations has been raised and killed for good before the scientific and statistical community.

PS. Just in: Last night (Jan-03-2012) I received news from one of the editors of the journal that the paper was assigned to issue 41 (8). Check for its title: The Self-Weighting Model (in Spanish is something like “El Modelo de Autoponderacion“. I forget to mention that this journal is published biweekly; so, things are moving fast. What a way of ending 2011 and starting 2012!!!