We keep improving the Minerazzi site (http://www.minerazzi.com). We moved all pages to a php format. In addition, here are recent changelogs for the Web Crawler (http://www.minerazzi.com/labs/crawlinker.php):

07-05-11: Email address extraction, deduplication, and sorting capabilities added.
07-04-11: Design and copy changes.
07-03-11: Navigation menu restored and bug fixed.
07-03-11: Navigation menu removed to test bug.
07-02-11: Top-bottom quick navigation menu added.
07-02-11: Day/Time Stamp, Reverse DNS, and IPv4 List capabilities added.
07-02-11: Integration to Whois Tool.

The Whois Database Retriever (http://www.minerazzi.com/labs/whois.php) now features suffix/prefix stripping capabilities. This means that users only need to enter a candidate domain name without any alias or extension and the tool scans multiple registrar databases. We expect to add some additional features to this time-saving application.

In the meantime, we keep beta testing the engine. Our staff of ‘miners’ are doing just a great job.