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A Web-Browser Approach to the Construction of Fractals and Multifractals

The traditional way of constructing fractal patterns is with mathematical algorithms. Some of these are based on pixel-by-pixel drawing techniques wherein the output of a recursive function is evaluated against a predefined condition. This is a slow process which requires of a large number of iterations.

Other strategies or combination of strategies have been proposed; for instance, using HTML tables, image files, VML, SVG, or the canvas tag introduced in HTML5. In most cases, implementing these strategies and techniques is not a straightforward process, involve a learning curve, or unnecessarily consume Web server resources.

None of this is necessary with our approach. We are also providing the corresponding source codes at Mi Islita.com, so others can reproduce or improve our results. These are winRAR-zipped files. An unzipped, live example for the Sierpinski Gasket is provided.