In a recent article, we presented a fractal approach to the design of menus and grids. It was demonstrated that:

  • these patterns can be emulated with CSS and division-based iterated layouts.
  • by using divisions, positioning issues associated with the use of list elements (ul, ol, etc) and mentioned at this Mozilla blog are avoided altogether.
  • there is no need to resource to browser hacks or css gymnastics, which often cause new issues with other browsers.

Almost immediately some asked if we could achieve same results using a fractaless approach (i.e., no iterations at all), and if so, what are the pros and cons of using one approach over the other.

In a nutshell, indeed: the above design patterns (menus and grids) can be emulated without having to use recursion. We just need to use the correct design strategy.

Last week we published the Fractaless Menus and Grids article which explains how this can be done. Both approaches, fractal and fractaless are compared.

To do what we teach, we are updating the Fractal Resources Index sub-site so some of these design patterns will be incorporated. We are also looking forward to implement changes across some pages of