I’ve updated the Menus and Grids article. CSS and markup instructions have been modified to make the iterated patterns more flexible and applicable to a variety of scenarios. Additional reference material has also been added. Wrappers generated by default by our design tool have been removed to simplify the markup.

I believe the proposed fractal approach avoids all the CSS workarounds and positioning issues raised at this Mozilla blog and in relation with the design of grid-like patterns.

BTW, a Wikipedia entry has an interesting article on CSS tableless Web design, but unfortunately goes to the extreme of including the following statement:

“Using divisions to simulate a table for the display of tabular data is as  much a design flaw as using tables to control graphic and page layout.”

According to whom? Since when achieving a given rendering through different design strategies is a “design flaw”? Evidently, Wikipedia allows biased opinions from individuals or interest groups disguised as reputable editors.

I challenge the above half-true opinion. Read my rebuttal to Wikipedia in the improved version of the Menus and Grids article.