Thanks to the Internet, hackers are -or soon will be- invading your cell phones, car, and TV.

Cell Phones:

The Energizer DUO Trojan: What You Need to Know, reports that the Energizer USB charger has been infected with a nasty Trojan.


Ford Motor Rolls Out New Security Features To Prevent Car-Hacking, reports that Ford is taking steps to prevent hackers from literally car-jacking your vehicle.


Google, DISH Network in Set-top Tests, reports that Google is moving to provide search services through your TV. With TV soon hitting the market with Internet Widgets and similar technologies, soon your TV sessions will be subject to hacking.

So, very soon: hackers, spammers, and marketers in your car, phone, and TV.

To secure a job, get certified in Internet Security related technologies. Or how about, Multimedia Search Marketing (MSM)? That’s a new great acronym to think about.