I am pleased to announce the launching of a sub-site within Mi Islita.com: the Fractal Resources Index. The sub-site is a collection of resources about fractals and their application to language modeling, information retrieval, Web design, information security and affine areas.

It includes ongoing research of fractals in Web design. As part of this research I have also published a new article that might interest programmers, SEOs, and designers alike:

Fractal Movies, CSS-only Backgrounds, and Two-Column Layouts.

In this article a fractal movie effect is documented, which might open the door for additional research at the interface of programming, design, and information security.

The write up of the many resources available in it was at the expense of issuing the February issue of the IR Watch Newsletter. This will arrive to subscriber’s inboxes some time this week. Sorry for the delay.

Feel free to browse through the new sub-site and let me know what do you think about fractals in Web design.