The following are the lecture and exercise topics covered in the core graduate course Internet Engineering, Part I. Students enrolled in the course might want to revisit this post as it will be updated.

Lecture 0

History of the Internet & Search Engines

Internet Basics

Lecture 1

RFCs (Request for Comments)

Network Types

IP (Internet Protocol)

Exercise 1 – RFCs, Network types, IP calculations

Lecture 2

OSI Reference Model



Exercise 2 – IP-MAC Mapping, Prompt Commands (arp, ipconfig, nslookup)

Lecture 3

Man-in-the-Middle ARP Attacks


IP Packets

Exercise 3 – Broadcast & Multicast IPs, Prompt Commands (netstat, ping, tracert, ipconfig, arp, nslookup)

Lecture 4

Fragmentation Offset

FO Overlapping Attacks

FO Gap Attacks

Tiny FO Attacks

TCP Protocol & Buffers

Exercise 4 – TCP buffers, Congestion Windows, Advertised Windows

Lecture 5


PING of Death


TRACEROUTE-based Intelligence

Exercise 5 – Prompt Commands (arp, ipconfig, nslookup, netstat, ping, tracert)

Lecture 6

BIND & WINDOWS DNS (Domain Name Server)

Internet backbone root servers

Configuration Files

DNS Configuration Errors

Forward Lookup (Zone) Files

Reverse Lookup Files

Exercise 6 – Prompt Commands (interactive/non-interactive nslookup modes)

Lecture 7




Email Headers

Exercise 7 – Email Intelligence.

Lecture 8

DNS Intelligence

Using DNS records to understand Virus & Worm Attacks

Network Topology Intelligence from DNS records

Exercise 8 – DNS Intelligence

Lecture 9

General Review

Practice Test

Lecture 10

Final Exam, Oct 27

Course Grading System

8 out of 9 hands-on exercises count (worse exercise grade dropped)
1st partial exam = average of first best 4 exercise grades
2nd partial exam = average of last best 4 exercise grades
The average of these two is the same as adding up best 8 grades and dividing by 8. This result amounts to 75% of total grade (course letter grade score).

Final Exam amounts to 25 % of total grade.

After that, course letter grade is curved as shown below.

A (100-89%)
B (88-77%)
C (76-60%)
D (59-50%)
F (49-0%)


course letter grade score = (sum of best 8 exercise grades/8)*(0.75) + (final exam grade)*(0.25)