1. The current issue of IR Watch will be out over the weekend–a bit delayed due to getting ready for school, preparing lessons and research projects. If things go as expected, my academic schedule will be a bit busy between teaching and research at two different universities.

2. I’m researching for a manuscript that deals with affine transformations applied to several IR problems. It expands on Vector Space Theory and allows one to think out of the “term-document” box. Great stuff.

3. Here is a great grad project in ppt format: Semantically Motivated Information Retrieval. I thank its author for referencing my  SVD Fast Track Tutorial.

4. Talking about semantically motivated, sentiment analysis, spam, etc… Funny how some folks in the SEO world like to damage the reputation of others without presenting any evidence. This time the trolls took on Kim Krause Berge ( http://cre8pc.com/archives/1489 ). I always admire Kim’s work, consider her an usability icon, and had the privilege of meeting her back in 2005. I was surprised to see these folks having a field day at her expense at Rand’s site. Kim, I feel your pain. However, more than one SEO forum/blog had lose credibility by allowing these folks, most of which think they can be socially “ranked” by attacking whoever is at the “top”. The fact is that most trolls are paper tigers that go hidding at the first Cease & Desist or defamation lawsuit.