A day ago Michael Arrington’s Techrunch published excerpts from “leaked” documents stolen from the Google Apps account of a Twitter Employee which included over 300 confidential files meant for “internal” Twitter consumption. “Hacker Croll” sent TechCrunch a zip file with 310 private files from inside Twitter.

It appears HC essentially used a cracker tool of some sort to brute-guess weak passwords. Once inside the first security ring, …

Cloud Programs: A Web Vulnerability Paradise for Hackers

Twitter relies heavily on cloud-based apps (Web-centric programs such as Google Docs or Web-based e-mail), and these services are becoming increasingly interconnected. Even social Web apps are beginning to share data: Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect, for example, let you log in to multiple sites with a simple Facebook or Google account, raising the vulnerability of your entire online identity.

The documents coming out of the hacker seem to be pretty significant. The “problem” is that if you have a Google Apps email account compromised, you also have shared calendar, Docs, Contacts, Wikis(Sites), etc.

This might be a good case study for students planning to take the AIR Web: Web Spam and Internet Vulnerability course.