Google yesterday announced Google Voice for Android and BlackBerry, a cell phone mobile service which brings voicemail transcriptions, the ability to call and text with your Voice number, and cheap international dialing to yourmobile phone. It is like one number to rule them all!

According to Google Mobile Blog:

“The Google Voice app integrates seamlessly with your phone’s native address book, making it even easier to call or text with your Voice number. Voicemail transcriptions are now available, and the app will highlight individual words during playback just like your favorite karaoke song. It also lets you take advantage of Google Voice’s low-priced international call rates, starting at only $0.02/minute.”

It is expected the service to eventually serve as a glue for other Google services like GMail, Web Searches, YouTube, SMS, etc.

These are great news, considering that as mentioned in the current issue of IRW, texting is a new playground for data miners. Imagine then a similar mining playground involving voice!

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