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Data Mining Texting

“My parents send email, I text.” This illustrates the obvious: a digital divide between parents and teens. While parents are busy replying to email or blogging at the most, their kids probably are busy developing their own language to alert their peers when mom or dad is trying to figure out what they are texting about. Did you know that MOS  CU means ‘Mother over shoulder’. ‘See you’. And how about PW CUL? (‘Parents watching. See you later’).

Indeed… Texting is not just for teens:

Texting not only is revolutionizing the way businesses are being conducted in 2009, but is an emerging data mining playground. The number of behavioral patterns in connection with texting is on the rise at different diffusion fronts: from sexting and sextcasting (transmission of conversations, videos, photos with sexual content) to dealing (transmission of conversations in connection with illegal drug activities), to encoding conversations about Wall Street transactions, industrial espionage, and so forth.