I normally do not put online my lecture notes (ppt, pdf, videos). However, there are two public conferences that event organizers taped. Both last over 1 hour and are in Spanish, but with slides in English. Here are the links. The quality of the videos is so-so.

Since the videos were made available few months later after the events, these are not properly dated. I have included below the actual date of the events. If you don’t know Spanish, you are out of luck.

1. Understanding Search Engines (Entendiendo a los Buscadores), University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon, 4-23-2008


This one last for about two hours. The audience consisted of grad students and researchers. Unfortunately, the video has an audio-visual mismatch of about one slide. If you can coupe with this, I hope you like it.

2. Demystifying LSI (Desmitificando LSI)- OJOBuscador Congress, Madrid, Spain, 3-09-2007.


This one last for over one hour. Since it was for a non-scientific audience  (most Spanish SEOs)  I tried to talk very slow.