What is the (^H^H^H) best definition for data mining and database? It depends on who you ask and in which context.

According to Section 126 of the USA Patriot Act,

(1) DATA-MINING– The term `data-mining’ means a query or search or other analysis of one or more electronic databases, where

(A) at least one of the databases was obtained from or remains under the control of a non-Federal entity, or the information was acquired initially by another department or agency of the Federal Government for purposes other than intelligence or law enforcement;

(B) the search does not use personal identifiers of a specific individual or does not utilize inputs that appear on their face to identify or be associated with a specified individual to acquire information; and

(C) a department or agency of the Federal Government is conducting the query or search or other analysis to find a pattern indicating terrorist or other criminal activity.

(2) DATABASE- The term `database’ does not include telephone directories, information publicly available via the Internet or available by any other means to any member of the public, any databases maintained, operated, or controlled by a State, local, or tribal government (such as a State motor vehicle database), or databases of judicial and administrative opinions.

Asking the government or a KDDM researcher the question and using LSI to clusters results for the above question can be a futile exercise.

It is like asking President Obama or Vice President Cheney to agree on: “What is Torture?”