Today I feel like giving a piece of advise to spammers, so this will force raising the bar in the “we versus them” in the Spam War. Think of this as a love-hate relationship.

C’mon spammers, I know you can do better. Don’t make our IR life easy at neutralizing your tactics. He, He.

At the recent AIRWeb Workshops, Brian Davison presented the paper Looking into the Past to Better Classify Web Spam, which received high reviews from referees and the audience.

Wannabe spammers, if you are really committed to spamdexing, at least know the how-tos. Don’t leave a temporal fingerprint of your web presence. Try this:

1. Prevent online resources from caching your web pages, like the Wayback Machine and commercial search engines.

2. Use No-Cache and No-Archive.

3. Switch hosts whenever you can.

4. Constantly mutate your link structure.

5. Don’t profile yourself with easy to detect/predictable honeypots, link swapping, strongly-connected component structures, etc.

Why giving these advices? Check current AIRWeb “gems”.