In SEOs and their IDF Myths, we covered how many are mistaking the measure of term specificity known as Inverse Document Frequency (IDF).

In SEOs and their IDF Myths: Part 2, we exposed some of these folks.

In Understanding TFIDF, we wrote a rebuttal.

We are still seeing so many bloggers mistaking IDF for something that is not. We have to conclude these pseudo-teachers either are just trying to sell something or they don’t really understand what term specificity stands for. They should know that IDF is a small pixel section within the bigger picture of the Robertson-Sparck Jones Probabilistic Model for information retrieval.

Thus, we are writing a tutorial on RSJ-PM to kill for good their intentionally misleading efforts. Hopefully, the tutorial will be ready before the month ends. It will be a great way of putting to rest all the false information flying around from the usual agents of misinformation (mostly SEOs). CS students interested in knowing about the pros and cons of probability models in IR will find it useful.