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Featuring article: Data Mining Dates

QA: Excel Vector Normalization

Who is Who in IR: Stephen Robertson

Top CS Departments: School of Informatics, City University, London

Historical Notes: Mark and Colossus Computers

Outstanding Graduate Theses

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The abstract of the featuring article is given below.

In this issue of the newsletter we examine the extraction of intelligence from dates. At first, a discussion on dates seems an unnecessary exercise. After all, many are inclined to take dates at face-value. But a date is more than a one-liner of information extracted from a calendar, headline, or footer. In the intelligence community, for example, dates provide a great amount of information about events, people, organized crime, terrorism, money laundering, unexpected situations, accidents, plots, chains of custody, validations, etc. Indeed, a date is a unique form of metadata, not to mention that these can be either relative or absolute. They can also be part of encryption schemes.