The title of this post might be a bit confusing, but we couldn’t find a better choice of words. The point to be made is that definitions and associations of terms can be affected as events evolve in time.

Consider the key term [man].

Providing a meaning or perception for [man] during a good or a bad Economy is a good example.

[man] means something different, depending if you ask to an employed or unemployed [man].

This can be illustrated by reading Why losing a job can hurt men more.

Although it might be a quite depressing article (especially for those with a pink slip in their foreheads), note the key words/phrases that define its topic and overall semantics. Incidentally, the article starts with

“Thomas Schuler is a man.”

and almost at the ends says:

“A man is what he does.”

The key words/phrases of the article can be taken as a semantics state in time attached to the [man] key term